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Guangxi Wusong Pine Chemicals Group Corp.


Guangxi Wusong Pine Chemicals Group Corp. is located in Wuzhou Guangxi; which is covered an area of 350 mu. Our main products are disproportionated rosin, food grade gum rosin, hydrogenated gum rosin, turpentine oil and their deep-processing of products, and coming into being an integrated business capacity for the production of gum rosin, deep-processing of products, new product research & development and the sales. Wusong Group have five wholly owned subsidiary which are Wuzhou Songhua Aromatic Chemical Co., Ltd., Wuzhou Cayin Gum Ltd., Yunnan Lancang Wusong Pine Chemical Co., Nanjing Wusong Pine Chemical Co., Guangxi Wusong Pine Chemical Import & Export Co. LTd., and established Fushum Beitian Wusong Pine Chemical Co.LTd. by joint venture with Liaoning Fushun Beitian Wusong Pine Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Wuzhou Cayin Gum Ltd. No.1 Wusong Road Wuzhou,Guangxi ChinaTel:0774-3811388
Guangxi Wusong New Materials Co., Ltd. No.1 Wusong Road Wuzhou,Guangxi ChinaTel:
Yunnan Lancang Wusong Co., Ltd. Ruofu Village Lancang County Buer Yunnan ProvinceTel:0879-7551090
Nanjing Wusong Forest Chemicals Industry Co.Ltd No.38 Pantao Road NCIP Jiangsu Province ChinaTel:025-58390310
Guangxi Wusong Pine Chemicals Imp. and Exp Co.Ltd. No.1 Wusong Road Wuzhou,Guangxi ChinaTel:0774-3811376
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    Address:No.1 Wusong Road Wuzhou,Guangxi China

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